The Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates (AdLLaw) is a non-profit, charitable and advocacy organisation which has been in existence since 2010. Their first initiative effort was the California Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates, known as CADeflaw.

Their advocacy is narrow and specific. They want to have a law passed, on a national level, allowing for family members of defamed deceased people to sue for civil damages.

Currently, defamation laws do not extend to the deceased. This means that anybody can write anything about them and not be held to account for their actions. Families are powerless to defend their deceased loved ones from defamation, slander and libel; thus meaning the legacy of the deceased is abused without consequence.

Throughout his life; Michael Jackson was arguably the most defamed celebrity on the planet. No other celebrity has suffered at the hands of the ruthless media to the degree Michael has.

From stories about oxygen chambers to prolong his life; skin bleaching and even more damaging; criminal activities with children; Michael's name has been dragged through the mud due to lies, over and over again.

In 1993; when Michael was accused of child molestation as a result of an extortion attempted by the Chandlers; the media began their campaign to smear Michael in the court of public opinion. Various "victims" sold stories of improper behaviour to tabloids and Michael was deemed a "paedophile" despite all evidence pointing to his complete innocence of the allegations levied against him.

In 2003; Michael was again accused of molesting a child and this lead to him being indicted on 7 counts of child molestation on 18 December 2003. A very public trial ensued in 2005 and Michael was COMPLETELY EXONERATED of all charges by UNANIMOUS VERDICT. 

However; the media's behaviour leading up to, during and after the trial all but had Michael tried, convicted and sentenced before any verdict had been delivered. As discussed by his defence attorney Thomas Mesereau; the media were intent on swaying public opinion to obtain a "guilty" verdict in order to sell more salacious and lucrative stories about him. 

In September 2009; the FBI files regarding all allegations made about Michael Jackson where released. Those files proved without a shadow of a doubt that Michael was indeed innocent of ALL CHARGES & allegations; after 16 years of investigations involving approximately 71 law enforcement personnel.

Following his tragic and untimely death in June 2009; the media has not let up in their intent to defame Michael. His "not guilty" verdict is routinely dismissed by tabloids, especially in the light of accusations made by Wade Robson & Jimmy Safechuck. 

In June 2016; Radar Online published an article citing "new evidence" in the case against Michael; leading the public to believe that the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office had obtained new information. The Sheriff's office when contacted; released a statement denying that this was the case and that there was in fact; NO NEW EVIDENCE. Furthermore;  falsified evidence was included in that article; claiming Michael kept pictures of "children being tortured". It transpired that the picture in question was a piece of artwork by artistic photographer Jonathan Hobin. The picture entitled "In The Playroom" was created by Hobin in 2008 and not released until 2010 - therefore proving Radar Online's claim that it was discovered in the 2003 Neverland raid, to be untrue.

Defamation of Michael is not just limited to the media.

In 2016; Michael's killer Dr Conrad Murray published a "tell all" book in which he alleged Michael was "chemically castrated to keep his voice high", "bleached his skin to look more white" and "had a crush on a 5 year old Emma Watson." 

That same year; Tavis Smiley published a book seemingly "from Michael's point of view" suggesting that Michael was a drug addict and turned a blind eye to the world's devastating new stories. His book was nothing more than a collection of badly researched tabloid stories.

And finally; Shana Mangatal who claims to be Michael's secret girlfriend published her book in 2016; in which she claims she had an affair with Michael was he was married to Lisa Marie Presley; that Michael's friendships with children were "inappropriate" and frustrating to his staff and that Michael was a drug addicted drunk who demanded to be called "The King Of Pop" and regularly belittled and embarrassed those who were working for him.

These are but a small example of the defamation Michael has suffered both in and out of his life time and the time has come for it to stop - permanently. With your help; we can put a stop to this kind of behaviour by bringing forward a law that will extend defamation protection to the deceased - in short - AdLLaw. 

To help us to do this; we ask that you sign your name on the AdLLaw petition at the link below and share it with your friends and family. The more signatures the petition manages to collect; the greater the chance of it's success!