Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Jane Doe, her claims against Michael Jackson and those highly suspicious cheques....

So today; we're greeted with the news that Michael Jackson has yet another alleged victim. This time this is a female who prefers to call herself "Jane Doe". She alleges that Michael abused her at the age of 12 years old, at Hayvenhurst. According to court documents; the abuse continued right through puberty and at 16, Michael wrote cheques in order to keep her quiet.

He even sent her little "love letters" as alleged in a report by TMZ.

Well let's first look at one of these so-called love letters.

Okay, the first thing which strikes me is the signature. There is something definitely very off about it, in particular the M in "Michael" and the L. Let's look at a copy of his real signature.

Michael's signature is definitely more "compact" and slopes to the left. So why then does the signature on the love letter slope to the right? For a man who has been regularly signing his name for many years; why would he suddenly change the direction of his signature? I smell a forgery.

Then there is the placement of the "I". In every other copy of Michael's signature I've looked at; the "i" is much closer to the "m" to the point where on the occasions he does dot the "i", the dot is lost in the end of the "m", as you can see below:

And again, in both of the above examples; we see the signature sloping again to the left. 

Now let's look at the court documents in which Jane Doe makes her claims. In it; she claims she "suddenly remembers" the psychological injuries caused by the alleged abuse some 30 years later. Doesn't this all sound very familiar? Wade Robson "suddenly remembered" this abuse as did Jimmy Safechuck. And of course it is no coincidence that the lawyers acting for Jane Doe are the same ones acting for Robson and Safechuck.

But now we come to the big reveal. Now when I first saw the cheques which claim to be the "hush money" Michael supposedly paid her; the first thing which struck me was the fact that she still has possession of these cheques. Now why, if she'd been "paid off" would she still have them? Cashed cheques are retained by the bank. In the event they are not honoured, they are returned to sender.

Then of course there's the fact that we don't see the back of the cheques, where the recipient has endorsed them. And of course, as you look at the images below, there's no name and address of said recipient.

But wait...there's something else wrong with this, especially the first cheque. All cheques have to display the cheque number. And the bank encodes the cheque number at the bottom. But if you look closely at the first cheque; the cheque number and the encoded cheque number don't match.

At the top right of the cheque, the legible numbers read: No: 165538. But let's look at the encoding at the bottom left hand corner of the cheque; which SHOULD be the same as the cheque number. But it reads: 169535. Does not compute.

So what do we really have here?

Well I'll tell you. On 7th October, Wade Robson was granted his amendment to his claim. This wasn't made widely available in the media because his lawyers were already "fishing" for a third victim to bolster his already very weak case. The fact that the amendment was granted is not unusual. The judge will often give the plaintiff every chance to prove their claims. But the amendment does also mean that the Estate can now file a demurrer to have the case thrown out of court. And as we've already talked about the many weaknesses this case has; it is obvious that Robson's lawyers are doing  everything they can to avoid this case being thrown out.

There's also the fact that IF this case makes it to trial, it still has more holes in it than swiss cheese. The fact is; Robson's lawyers don't want it to get to trial, because they know the case is going to be utterly destroyed by the lawyers for the Estate. Far better to get the Estate to scream "uncle" and settle out of court, hence Robson's legal team repeatedly use their weapon of choice - the media.
If they can't find Michael guilty in a court of law; they'll attempt to find him guilty in the court of public opinion.

Yet these obvious fakes do very little to bolster their case and instead; chip away at what little credibility they have. Let's not forget that in a recent interview; Robson's lawyer used Wikipedia as a case reference and even then was wildly inaccurate, stating that the abuse allegations against Michael are not mentioned on the site. It only takes a very quick read to see that they are and in detail, for that matter.

Apparently  Vince Finaldi got his law degree from a Christmas cracker...or Wade Robson found them on Craigslist.....

ADDENDUM: Further research and with the help of various other advocates (big thanks to MJJ Justice Project!) here's a picture of Michael and his latest accuser. Take a look at the hand - and ask yourself when Michael suddenly grew a second set of fingers. Shoddy cropping job - a blind man could have done better! Oh, and a fellow advocate did run the image through an analysis program to see if it had been edited. The results? PROBABLY. I'll let you draw your own conclusions...


  1. Vince Finaldi is outright committing Fraud!!

  2. What can I say thank you and AMEN♥

  3. another fake trying to get money from Michael

  4. The amount of the checks is NOT encoded on any of the checks. That is done by the processing department of the banks so the computer used in banking can read the amount to make a ledger. Even it the check bounces the amount is encoded on checks for the computer to read. The media should not even be publishing this story with all the irregularities. IMO. City Bank of LA had a fraud case over an employee stealing checks and those items went through without being processed with the amount encoded! In that case the checks had been stolen. The name on the check has been blacked out and the name of the accuser is being with held. No one knows who those checks might have been made out to or if they were givin to anyone. The media never bothered to withhold the Arvizo boys names or Chandlers name or Wade and Jimmy's name so why suddendly does this lawyer feel a 42 year old woman who alleges she accepted payments when she was 18 is being withheld. I find it odd that it was 93 when the Chanlers went after MJ with a case that amounted to extortion according to many and then in 2003 ten years later Sneddon files a suit that is frivolous and then in 2013 Wade files a totally suspicious case. Every 10 years. Makes no sense.

  5. MJ was a perfectionist. His spelling his words correctly was a pet peeve. In the document above, Monopoly is spelled with an A. FRAUD!!!

  6. Thank you. Right and clear analysis. I have a question. I still can not understand why these haters, nobody.. from some tabloids everytime choose Michael to expose their own helplessness? Those individuals who told, cried to the tabloids as they were victims of MJ sometime, why they didn't nothing in all those long years? Civil Code does not stipulate certain time limits and conditions in which an alleged victim can appeal to justice and ask some evidence as a claim become as a credible, appropriate case for a court? In my opinion, I am more than sure it is a gross hoax made by those very doubtful and cunning people with the aim to fill their pockets. I love Michael! My Intuition, my common sense did not cheated myself ever. I have always felt MJ's innocence without get to know him personally only through his greatness, brilliant artworks and his magic aura. Thank you again for your great support to our sweetest, innocent Michael.

  7. Thank you very much for this article. I had already noticed the mismatch in handwriting but I needed a more in depth analysis. Another thing I'd like to know is where I can follow this blog. Thank you again and God bless you for your work. May he give us all the patience that we need to deal with this.

  8.'s sad the tables aren't turned on these low life people. They need to sit their butts in jail for a good length of time and possibly they would think twice before lying like this again.

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  11. but a saw that video with a paper from entertainement compagny about of michael jackson
    but there is an another video
    but explain me

    1. bah on peut voir que les lettre que ces pas l'écriture de michael et ni sa signature, et qu'ils sont carrément en fraude.

  12. So are the check fake or authentic?

  13. Le montant des chèques n'est pas encodé sur aucun des chèques. Cela est fait par le département de traitement des banques afin que l'ordinateur utilisé dans les banques puisse lire le montant pour faire un grand livre. Même si le chèque rebondit, le montant est codé sur les chèques pour que l'ordinateur puisse les lire. Les médias ne devraient même pas publier cette histoire avec toutes les irrégularités. OMI. La City Bank of LA a eu un cas de fraude sur un employé volant des chèques et ces éléments ont été traités sans traitement avec le montant encodé! Dans ce cas, les chèques avaient été volés. Le nom sur le chèque a été noirci et le nom de l'accusateur est en attente. Personne ne sait à qui ces chèques ont été faits ou s'ils ont été distribués à qui que ce soit. Les médias ne se sont jamais souciés de retenir les noms des garçons Arvizo, des Chandlers ou de Wade et Jimmy, alors pourquoi soudainement, cet avocat a l'impression qu'une femme de 42 ans qui prétend avoir accepté des paiements à l'âge de 18 ans est retenue. Je trouve étrange que c’était à l’âge de 93 ans que les Chanler ont attaqué MJ avec une affaire qui équivalait à de l’extorsion de cause, puis en 2003, dix ans plus tard, Sneddon intentait un procès frivole et en 2013, Wade déposait une affaire totalement suspecte. Tous les 10 ans. Ça n'a aucun sens.