Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Conrad Murray - his book of lies & his EPIC FAIL!!

This year; we have seen yet another vulture post a book with the sole aim of profiting from Michael's death. And that vulture would be none other than Michael's killer - Conrad Murray.

Like many of Michael's fans; I was outraged at the fact that Murray would have the nerve to write & release such a book. Obviously killing Michael was not enough for him to feed his greed for money, prestige and fame. So choosing to write a "tell all" book would not only lead to great fortune and opportunities right?


Now this is guaranteed to get some back-lash from very passionate fans. But I want you to hear me out. I wasn't content with simply sitting back and allowing him to get away with his criminal activities. Let's not forget that in writing said book; Murray has not only chosen to defame Michael but he has also broken HIPAA regulations. He has revealed some very sensitive details about Michael's private health information and in turn; has broken the law - but then Murray is clearly no stranger to doing so.

So in order to get the real facts and to enable me to file a report against Murray with the Office For Civil Rights; I read the book. Yes; it was not an easy thing to do and while it meant I had to spend money to get hold of the book; if it's in the name of spreading the truth about Michael; then it's money worth spent.

Very early on in the beginning; I could feel the bile rising. The prospect of reading this book was not something I was looking forward to and made me feel sick to my stomach. But as I read through the chapters; that feeling transgressed from nausea to anger - big, white hot, blood-boiling anger. Not only does Murray write a very slanderous book in a vain attempt to absolve himself of any responsibility for his actions; he writes page after page of lies:

  1. Murray states that Michael regularly used bleaching agents and chemical peels in order to turn himself white. He does not acknowledge the fact that Michael was diagnosed with vitiligo or the fact that the autopsy quite clearly states Michael had vitiligo. At once point; he talks about an occasion when Michael's daughter was applying said bleaching agent.
  2. Murray claims that Michael was given hormones in order to stop his voice from breaking. He goes on to claim that this was at the suggestion of Berry Gordy after Mr Gordy told Joseph Jackson that Stevie Wonder had had his voice box cut out when he was young. Not only is this claim completely false (one wonders how Stevie Wonder would be able to sing let along talk without a voice box!) but said hormone was only approved for use in only Europe in 1973 and in the US as late as 1981. 
  3. Murray claims that Michael was repeatedly raped while under sedation. 
  4. Murray claims that Michael was still "alive" when they arrived at the hospital. He then goes on to say that Michael's heart was still contracting that doctors should have done more. NOBODY is going to be brought back after 40 minutes of being in full cardiac arrest; the time it took for emergency services to eventually be called.
  5. Murray claims the paramedics stood around and did nothing to help Michael. He also claims they dislodged the IV in his arm and tried to give injections in various sites rather than in the jugular vein.
  6. Murray claims Michael wanted to marry Emma Watson and Harriet Lester when they were still young children. 
  7. Murray claims Michael had a "thing" for anorexic women. Was Lisa anorexic looking? Was Diana? Was Tatum? I don't think so.
  8. Murray claimed the prosecution falsified evidence in order to gain a conviction against him.
  9. Murray claims the men and women of his trial jury were biased because they "were fans of Michael Jackson."
  10. Murray claims the only reason Mrs Jackson sued AEG was to get her hands on Michael's money.
  11. Murray claims Mrs Jackson was "bleeding Michael of money" and that Michael "felt let down" by her. Mrs Jackson is probably one of the few members of his family he trusted when it came to the subject of money.
  12. Murray claims Michael's family were "out to kill him."
  13. Murray claims Michael's veins were "like those of a drug addict."
  14. Murray claims his girlfriend would not allow Michael to be alone with their young son - perhaps pandering to tabloid claims in the light of the Wade Robson allegations.
  15. Murray claims Michael considered Kenny Ortega and Frank DiLeo to be "devils."
  16. Murray claims Michael dressed as a clown in order to spend time with strippers and escorts. Michael preferred them to be "stick thin" to the point of anorexia.
  17. Murray claims Michael was anorexic - interesting since the autopsy suggests Michael was a perfectly healthy man for his age.
  18. Murray claims Michael was "anti-Semitic" and refused to have "any Jewish doctor" near him. He also claims Michael would not have anything to do with Jewish children.
  19. Murray claims he was a "disciple of Michael" and that Michael instructed Murray to tell his story "should anything" happen to him.

Perhaps the most alarming part of the book is the fact that Murray still doesn't understand how dangerous it is use Propofol without a the presence of a qualified anaesthesiologist. In fact; he goes so far as to say he'd do it again because he believes Propofol to be "completely safe". Yet in the same book; he admits that he was trying to "wean Michael off" Propofol. So which is it? Is it dangerous to the point you stop your patient from using it? Or is it perfectly safe so you'll use it in a home setting again? Make your mind up, Murray! 

In short; Murray's book is a catalogue of lies. Many of his claims he has taken from debunked tabloid stories and the rest he's made up as he goes along. In addition; he fails to accept any responsibility and even goes so far as to blame Michael for betraying him because "Michael didn't tell him about other drugs he was using". In fact; he blames anyone and everyone for the death of Michael - including Judge Pastor! 

Now let's look at the medical errors Murray made and chose to ignore when writing his "book":

  1. The lack of the basic emergency airway equipment.
  2. The lack of the advanced emergency airway equipment.
  3. The lack of suction apparatus.
  4. The lack of an IV infusion pump.
  5. The lack of alarmed pulse oximetry.
  6. The failure to use a blood pressure cuff.
  7. The lack of an electrocardiogram.
  8. The lack of carpnography
  9. The failure to maintain a doctor-patient relationship.
  10. The failure to continuously monitor the mental status of the patient.
  11. The failure to continuously monitor the breathing of the patient.
  12. The failure to continuously monitor blood pressure and pulse oximetry, and to have heart monitors.
  13. The failure to call 911 immediately.
  14. The failure to chart at the outset of the procedure (egregious and unconscionable).
  15. The failure to maintain written informed consent (egregious and unconscionable).
  16. The failure to document throughout the course of sedation (egregious and unconscionable).
  17. The failure to disclose to both the paramedics and UCLA the use of propofol and what Murray witnessed at the arrest.
You cannot argue with these very basic medical violations. Neither you can argue with the fact that he FAILED call 911. It is a FACT that had Murray had all the correct equipment and procedures in place AND had called 911; there is a very good chance Michael would still be alive today.

Conrad Murray writes his "book of lies" not only for profit, but also to gain public sympathy; whilst portraying himself as the "victim." The errors as catalogued above DO NOT make Conrad Murray a victim. There was only one victim and that was Michael. Michael put his complete trust in this man only to have it completely abused with tragic consequences. And as a further abuse of Michael's trust; Murray then chooses to reveal highly personal details about Michael in his book and subsequent publicity interviews.

Rest assured however; the Office For Civil Rights are now in possession of my report against Murray and I am in heavy dialogue with them. Murray may have gotten away with murder. But I will make it my mission to see he hasn't gotten away with violating Michael's privileged & private medical information. Watch this space! 

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