Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wade Robson & his claim of "negligence"....

So yesterday; a story broke that Wade Robson has added yet another tall tail to his molestation claims against Michael Jackson. He now suggests Michael's employees and in particular; those running MJJ Productions and MJJ ventures "facilitated" Michael's molestation of him. He goes so far as to say they helped Michael to "lure children to Neverland" for the purpose of "grooming and abuse".

As if that's not enough; he also names Michael's former assistant Norma Staikos as a "procurer" of this abuse, calling her a "Madam" - thus suggesting she was the main facilitator in Michael's alleged crimes against children.

Now I see various possibilities here. The first and most obvious one has to do with the Independent Mental Examination Wade Robson was due to undergo. One can only assume the results of this, did not go in Robson's favour, so his lawyers are coming up with any kind of trumped up story to try and make at least something stick. Of course; we won't be made privy to the details of the IME because they are very likely to be sealed - more's the pity. In my opinion; those details should be public - as public as Robson's claims about Michael. 

When you look back to May 2015; you can pretty much see confirmation of Robson's attempt to clutch at straws. Robson attempted to sue the Michael Jackson Estate in probate court for alleged molestation by Michael. The court dismissed the case, citing he had taken too long to file. Even back then, his previous legal team indicated that his claim would be pursued against Michael's business entities. And this is exactly what we are seeing here. Fast forward 2 years and that's given Robson enough time to dream up yet more tall tails in a feeble attempt to strengthen what is already a weak case.

To give you a real insight as to how weak this case is; let's look at the timeline of events and go all the way back to 1993. 

When the Chandler allegations broke; Wade Robson and Brett Barnes were interviewed at length; during which they vehemently denied any molestation by Michael. In 2003; while in a televised interview; he denies he was molested:

In 2005; during Michael's child molestation trial, Robson denies UNDER OATH that any molestation takes place. Yet years later; in March 2013, Robson "suddenly" remembers he in fact WAS molested by Michael - some 8 years after he had last denied such allegations.

Does not compute....

Neither does it compute the fact that he claims to have had "repressed memories" of the alleged abuse. His defence team claim a nervous breakdown in March 2011 and it is then that Wade "suddenly" remembers the abuse. Yet in July 2011; Wade Robson appears on TV to talk about the Cirque Du Solei Michael Jackson shows he assumed he would be a part of. During that interview; he praises Michael.

So if he had all those repressed memories rushing back in March 2011; why is he still praising Michael some four months later?

When questions about the erroneous timing of this are asked; his legal team suddenly change their minds and state that Robson didn't remember the abuse until May 2012. But then that doesn't compute either because there's this in December 2012...

Oops! Bit of a mistake there Robson! But then that doesn't matter because he changes his story AGAIN. This time he goes on the Today show in 2013 and states that it wasn't actually "repressed memories" but that he's always remembered the abuse - just didn't recognise it as abuse...

And then of course there's this back in 2009 - when Robson BEGS to be allowed to attend Michael's memorial at the Staples Centre...

Let's also consider the fact that it was during the 2005 trial; Michael's former made Blanca Francia testified under oath that she had witnessed Michael abusing Wade Robson in the shower - which Robson vehemently denied, stating he'd never even been in the shower with Michael.

Was this "not repressed memory" more of a "repressed idea to extort money"? I think so. The timing of all of this certainly suggests so. And that $64 million dollar question that will refuse to go away WILL be brought up in the eventual civil suit - if Michael abused Robson; why did Robson deny UNDER OATH that any abuse took place? 

The upshot is that Robson is desperate for money. When the allegations broke; he was on the verge of bankruptcy; having put up his house for sale in March 2013 - funnily enough close to the beginning of the AEG trial.... The sale was completed in May 2013 - yes - that fast!  Determined to get his grubby mits on Michael's money by any means possible; is his goal; hence his sudden change in tact. 

I for one foresee interesting times ahead. When Robson is proven to be a liar in court - and he will be; how will he be paying for all the lawsuits which will be heading in his direction? Perhaps he will have to "suddenly remember" being molested by yet another celebrity.....


In an article in People Magazine; Wade Robson claims he "remembered" the abuse when his now 5 and half year old son was born. Not only is this yet ANOTHER change in his story; but this puts his "sudden recollection" back to 2010. Again, we ask why Robson was still praising Michael Jackson in both 2011 and 2012 - as demonstrated in the above clips. How many more times is this fool going to change his story?

Furthermore; which story is it Mr Robson? Did you "suddenly remember" or still "always remembered the abuse but didn't recognise it as abuse"? The latter doesn't hold water either; unless you were deaf, dumb and blind during the 2005 trial; INCLUDING when you took to the stand to deny UNDER OATH that anything happened....


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  2. I think we have to explore the question as to WHY Robson's team now want to do a complete 180 and DROP the molestation lawsuit; instead bring a "negligence" lawsuit holding MJJ Productions & MJJ Ventures responsible. Does not compute. I can only conclude that the IME at the MJ Estate request revealed information to suggest Robson's story is NOT credible....