Monday, 19 September 2016


Ladies and gentlemen I want to clear up a few "misconceptions" and false information which has been doing the rounds with regard to the AdLLaw Petition.
This has lead to some fans believe the petition to be a waste of time and not a legal challenge, which this is clearly not the case.

The AdLLaw Initiative's purpose is to make a much needed change in the law; to extend defamation rights to the deceased. This means that the families of those deceased would be given the right to take legal action against those slandering their deceased loved ones. These are the same rights as the living currently have.

In addition; the AdLLaw Petition/Initiative is not just about Michael Jackson. It is about EVERYBODY for the simple reason that defamation can and does affect anybody and everybody. It is not just limited to people in the public eye and certainly not just limited to Michael Jackson. For example; in the case of hate groups like Westboro Baptist Church spreading lies and portraying said lies as fact about dead soldiers - THAT is defamation.

We use Michael Jackson as an example of somebody in the public eye who has been defamed, for the following reasons:

1.) He is arguably the worst victim of defamation and slander. NOBODY in the public eye has suffered worse than he has.

2.) Michael is very much in the news at the moment and will continue to be so during the ensuing Wade Robson/Jimmy Safechuck case. We have indeed seen various articles slandering Michael in the last 6 months and beyond.

3.) Michael Jackson is very well known case of repeated defamation.

The AdLLaw Petition is NOT about getting the MJ Estate to sue Wade Robson for slander - as has been suggested. As the Estate have already explained; they cannot sue Robson because the defamation laws do not currently extend to the deceased - just like they are unable to sue Conrad Murray for his book for the same reason.

While some MJ advocates like myself are determined to report the FACTS of the Robson/Safechuck case; in order to separate fact from media fiction; these acts of advocacy are SEPARATE from the AdLLaw Petition.

You can read more about the initiative at the link below and I encourage all fans to do so, in order to be better informed and to avoid any confusion.

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.

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