Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Digital Music News & Their Slander of Michael Jackson.

On 9 September 2016; Digital Music News published an article in which it claims a "child pornography book owned by Michael Jackson" is being sold on Amazon. The article also suggested Michael used the book in order to "sexually excite young boys" staying at Neverland.

The article is very much a throw back to the earlier article by Radar Online; which suggested "new evidence" had been released pertaining to Michael's guilt. We have since proven this NOT to be the case; after obtaining a statement from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office:

Now here's the truth about the article from Digital Music News.

It is a fact that this book was actually dismissed as "evidence" in the trial against Michael Jackson; because the court was satisfied it was indeed not child porn. In fact; there has been NO CHILD PORN found in Michael's possession found in 1993 or 2003. As you can see from the screenshot below; the FBI files released in 2009; demonstrate that there was NO REFERENCES relating to the investigation:

In addition; and also clearly taken from the article Radar Online published; DMN state the book contained "nude images" of young boys. These "nude images" where in fact proven to be complete fakes - inserted by Radar Online themselves. The photos printed by Radar Online portrayed boys with their genitals blocked out. In actual fact' the image in the book shows the boys clearly wearing shorts.

Yet another trashy news agency attempted to smear Michael with copycat lies. No research has been done before the publication of said article. It is clear to me that they have simply read Radar Online's original article, added their own take on it and gone with it. Had they have done their research; they would have seen that these claims have long since been debunked. In short; DMN have lowered themselves into "click-bait" territory; by regurgitating old lies in order to gain readers. Shame on them!!


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