Thursday, 15 September 2016

Linda Stasi and her claim Michael Jackson "may have been responsible" for Dee Dee Jackson's death...

Dee Dee Jackson.
Another day and another tabloid smear against Michael Jackson...

This time; Linda Stasi writes in the New York Daily News her suspicions that Michael may have had something to do with the murder of of the late Dee Dee Jackson - Tito's former wife and mother to Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson.

In her slanderous article she states:

"Even more startling, back in 1994, before the paedophilia story broke out, a female member of the Jackson clan, whose name I will not reveal for fear of reprisals, called me and said; 'They're going to kill Delores, Tito's ex-wife." She told me she had thrown Michael out of her house when he tried to get information on a little boy visiting her home. She threatened to expose him. I told the caller that I couldn't write and article speculating that Jackson might put a hit out on a woman when there was no proof of anything.

I regret to this day that I hadn't done it. A month later, Delores Jackson was found dead in a swimming pool at the home of her boyfriend, Donald Bohana. Her death was due to accidental drowning, but a coroner's report called it "assisted drowning" with indications of a blunt force trauma. 

Four years later Bohana, who claimed it had been an accident since Delores didn't know how to swim, was convicted of second-degree murder.

It could have been a horrible accident, yes, and the call could have been a terrible coincidence. Or it could have been murder."

Ok, first Ms Stasi needs to get her facts straight.

According to the court reports of the case; when police questioned him about the events surrounding Ms Jackson's death, Bohana stated that:

 "Jackson arrived at his home about 10:30 p.m. They drank alcohol, talked, listened to music and danced for some time before disrobing and getting into the jacuzzi. They spent somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes in the jacuzzi and then swam to the deep end of appellant's backyard swimming pool. Appellant eventually got out of the water and sat at a table while Jackson continued swimming"

Also according to Bohana:

"After Jackson swam to the deep end of the pool, she touched the pool light and turned to swim back toward the jacuzzi. "

In actual fact; it was her children, close friends and family who said Ms Jackson could not swim, citing that she had a morbid fear of water, and refused to enter the swimming pool or even wade into the ocean. She would very rarely even sit in the jacuzzi. Her children did state that Ms Jackson was going to learn to swim, but that she stood on the stairs of the pool and did not swim.

In addition, Ms Jackson's friend, Brenda Richie testified that they had discussed taking swimming lessons together because she couldn't swim either.

At his trial, Bohana testified that Ms Jackson could swim, explaining that Ms Jackson was swimming under the water when he noticed she was struggling. 

In addition; the injuries she sustained, including a blunt force trauma, bruising, a black eye and and other injuries, were sustained some four hours before her death, during a time when it was undisputed that she was alone with Bohana. It is also worth noting that Bohana claimed Ms Jackson drowned as a result of a seizure or or passed out after drinking too much alcohol - yet her blood alcohol reading was 0.22% - certainly not enough to render an individual unconscious. Forensic tests also suggested she had been in the water for less than 20 minutes.

Does Bohana's version of events sound like somebody who was "framed" as a result of an accident? I think not! Judge for yourself by reading the rest of the case details at the link below:

In the meantime; I think we can safely agree that Ms Stasi's "theory" has more holes in it than a colander and is nothing more than yet another salacious attempt to smear Michael's name, in it's "trial by media" with the ongoing Wade Robson shenanigans! 


  1. Thank you for putting this information together. Much appreciated.

  2. E questa qui se ne viene fuori con questa barzalletta dopo ben 22 anni, ma che si vergogni!

  3. E questa qui se ne viene fuori con questa barzalletta dopo ben 22 anni, ma che si vergogni!