Wednesday, 21 September 2016

More unravelling of the lies of Wade Robson.

In his lawsuit against Michael Jackson and in particular MJJ Productions/MJJ Ventures; Wade Robson claims he has "not worked since his nervous breakdown of March 2012." It was during this breakdown that he suddenly "remembered" being molested by Michael Jackson.

But wait a minute.....

Here we have a video from July 2012; in which Robson teaches a dance piece for The Bird and The Bees "Polite Dance Song"...some 4 months after his alleged breakdown.

This is in fact a series of videos he does for Masterclass in 2012. 

And then there's this on his YouTube Channel - Wade Robson Creations - this was uploaded just 6 months ago and shared on his Facebook page on 7 June this year.

Here's another one, uploaded 16 May 2015:

Again - a project that Wade Robson has worked on...despite claiming he hasn't been able to work since his alleged breakdown.

And then there's this - posted on his instagram on 17 September of this year:

Doesn't look like Wade Robson hasn't been working to me. In fact; it looks as though he's been a very busy man for somebody "who hasn't been able to work"....

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