Thursday, 15 September 2016

Paris Jackson: Bullying is bullying; no matter who the victim is!

Today I want to address an issue which is long overdue. This afternoon; whilst browsing Instagram, I came across a very heart-breaking video from Paris Jackson, in which she talks about the hateful comments and bullying she has received from some followers. I then scrolled down to the comments section, to see even more hateful comments including:

"Paris does not deserve to be happy."
"I hate Paris."
"Fake ass bitch!"
"She doesn't deserve to be Michael's daughter."

Along with those comments were suggestions that she should "kill herself" and that she's a "slut in that photoshoot."

I'm going to make this absolutely clear once and for all...

There is NO EXCUSE for bullying somebody like this - EVER!!! Forget who she is. Forget she's Michael Jackson's daughter. Forget what choices she's made in her life. She's a person - with feelings. No amount of excuses will EVER justify this kind of behaviour towards her.

I am absolutely sick and tired of week after week; some folks have got a problem with whatever Paris says or does. What makes me even more sick to my stomach is the fact that some of these folks, claim to be Michael Jackson fans. Well let me also make this clear...

Anybody who verbally abuses and bullies Paris or any of Michael's children for that matter; is NOT a fan. We do not want these sort of "fans" in our community. You are not welcome. Leave NOW and close the door behind you.

It is a fact that Michael fought so hard to protect his children. When he covered their faces with masks, the world thought it was "odd". But in actual fact, he did it to prevent this from happening. I can say with 100% conviction that he would never have been happy to have his children thrust into the spotlight, so soon after his death. It is very clear that his kids were not ready for that kind of attention - physically or emotionally. Whoever was behind that badly thought out decision did them absolutely no favours, and Michael would be appalled at seeing Paris treated this way. 

Paris Jackson is simply trying to live her life the best way she can. How she chooses to live her life is nobody else's business. She's growing up and establishing herself as an independent young woman. She's not a little girl any more. She can do whatever makes her happy and it is not for you to judge. 
To suggest she "shouldn't post it on social media" is not only a ridiculous statement but also an ignorant one. She has every right to post whatever she likes on social media - just like you do. The only reason people don't like it is because of who she is. But that really is irrelevant. She's still a human being, at the end of the day.

I get utterly fed up with people saying "oh Michael would like Paris doing this. Michael wouldn't like Paris doing that." How do you know what he would and wouldn't like his children to do? Where you part of the family when he was raising them? Were you privy to the private conversations he had with his kids? 

I'll tell you want Michael really wouldn't like. He wouldn't like his kids being judged all the time just like he was. He wouldn't like the fact that hateful comments are being sent to Paris; to the point where it starts to affect her emotional health. He wouldn't like people prying into his kids' private lives; just like folks continue to pry into his. THAT is what he wouldn't like. 

Nobody is ever perfect. As Alexander Pope said; "to err is human." Of course Paris is going to make decisions you don't necessarily agree with. But when she wants your opinion on the matter, she'll ask for it. And of course Paris is going to make mistakes as she grows up and gets on with her life. Didn't you? 

The harassment of Paris needs to stop - NOW. Expressing ones opinion is one thing. But when you venture into insults and "death wish" territory; you've crossed the line into bullying. Simply put; if you have a problem with Paris Jackson being less than perfect; take a long, hard look in the mirror....


  1. amen, Amen and AMEN. I always wonder, would people enjoy it if it was THEIR DAUGHTER who was being bullied like that? If it was their precious little princess who now used makeup and cut her hair and whatnot? Would you have called her a sl*t? If you would, I suggest a psychologist pronto.

  2. Bullying breaks the most beautiful branches that a girl has. Who does not give up always wins the future that awaits you can not disappoint.

  3. I concur with everything you have said here. What makes it alright for people to attack someone else on social media simply because of who they are? What makes alright to do it at all? We need to put ourselves in the place of the person being attacked and ask how we would like it. Would we think it fair? Would we think absolute strangers had a right to tell us what or what not to do? Of course not! Some people get on social media and think they can say or do anything and not be held responsible. But everything we do has a ripple effect, and for any targeted person in a position of vulnerability it can lead to tragic consequences. Yet the bullies keep on bullying. We can enjoy what Paris posts for the world to see, or we can unfollow her if we don't like what she does. She doesn't have to live by our rules, and we don't have to like it. If that's the case, better to stay out of it and SHUT UP. (Sorry, had to say it.) <3

  4. Judge not lest you be judged and when did God come down and make you in charge
    One has to be pretty miserable with their life to do the horrible bullying whether it be to Paris or to somebody else
    If you don't like what paris post or anyone else for that matter just keep scrolling down